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Two New & Proven Ways to Achieve Pain Relief and Tissue Healing!

Introducing Rapid Release Therapy!

What is Rapid Release Therapy?

Rapid Release Therapy, aka RRT is a handheld tool that uses the power of vibration to break down adhesions - scar tissue and contractures. The RRT device is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) meaning that it poses the lowest level of risk of all medical devices with a positive benefit to the patient.

Here at Rise Health Chiropractic, LLC we have just acquired the Rapid Release Pro 3 tool which is the most updated high tech RRT device on the market today. RRT uses high-frequency vibrations at short strokes to deliver up to 170 hertz to the affected area. The updated design of the Pro 3 allows it to be used almost anywhere across the body, from larger muscles in the back and legs, to small joints in the toes and fingers.

As mentioned RRT targets soft tissue adhesion which affects nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Ever heard of frozen shoulder? Carpal tunnel? Plantar fasciitis? All these conditions involve soft tissue adhesion and benefit from RRT, and research agrees. Multiple research publications dating from 2014-2021 confirm that the addition of soft tissue release or myofascial release significantly improves outcomes in patients suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from frozen shoulder to plantar fasciitis.

RRT effectively reduces and removes scar tissue that builds up post traumatic injury, or from micro traumas related to overuse. Overuse injury is seen in many of my patients who use the joints of their arms and legs as part of their job, career, art/hobby, or professional sport. Swimmer? Overuse of the shoulder is the most common injury to a swimmer weather they are a pro, swim recreationally, or swimming on the team at the YMCA. Mechanic, or hair stylist? Tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel are common overuse injuries. Musician? Nearly every joint from the neck to the fingertips can be affected by overuse for my musician patients. Now, this list could go on forever... Whatever chronic overuse trauma you are subjected to the Pro 3 can relieve it in record time with no injections, or medications.

Treatment for chronic pain has never been easier.

Introducing Cold Laser Therapy!

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy, aka Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT is a treatment involving the use of a handheld therapeutic device that looks like a flashlight. The laser delivers precise wavelengths of light into injured tissue to penetrate 2 to 5 centimeters beneath the skin’s surface. Typically, the laser emits a wavelength of 90-3000 milliwatts, between 630-850 nanometers.

Laser treatment utilizes these specific wavelengths of light to interact with the tissue below the skin to accelerate healing, reduce pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and increase function.

LLLT works by converting light energy into biochemical energy… yea no more medical speak. Basically, the light that the laser gives out penetrates into the injured and inflamed tissues and the light is converted by the cells of your tissues and in the process of doing so a therapeutic effect takes place including cellular growth and reproduction, production of the matrix needed to heal damaged tissues, and the rush of oxygen rich blood to the site being treated to increase immune response which expedites healing. LLLT is NOT UVA or UVB light and will not damage the skin in any way.

Research is considered well established on LLLT supporting its use for pain management as well as tissue healing. The research on LLLT overwhelmingly shows remarkable benefits when used to treat a wide range of conditions from arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and post-surgical scar tissue and wound healing to degenerative and herniated discs and torn and sprained tendons.

The risks of LLLT are slight, including damage to the eye if looking directly into the light, or not wearing protective glasses when doing so. Other than that, LLLT is effective without the use of pain medication or injections and at a fraction of the cost of surgery or other therapies.

Allow natural light therapy from our FDA approved cold laser sooth your pain and heal your body from the inside out. Pain relief and healing have never been easier!

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