Greetings From the "Second" Office...

Having only recently opened and begun to establish my private practice I don’t have many patients coming in on a weekly basis, which means that at least once a week I have the opportunity to work from my second office, only a few blocks away... the beach.

It might be hard to believe that I would rather be in my office right now then writing this blog from the beach, but it’s true.

I perused a career as a healer, becoming a chiropractic physician so that I could help people, and though sitting on this beautiful beach, listening to the smooth calm cadence of the waves as they crash on the shore is simply beautiful, I’d rather be in my office helping you.

No matter what you have going on; back pain, neck pain, poor athletic performance, restless legs, or need to lose weight I offer a range of services and treatments for everyone who wants to be pain free forever and live an optimal life of good health and lasting wellness.

The Day I became Doctor Foster, 2016!

10 years ago, the dream of becoming a doctor, a mother, wife and opening my own private practice was entirely laughable. A completely unlikely pipe dream. 10 years ago, I had an atypically aggressive benign brain tumor causing me to have a rare hormonal disease called acromegaly.

Andre The Giant Tony Robbins

Yea those are pictures of Andre the giant and Tony Robbins two of many famous people who also had acromegaly.

So as not to bore you with all the technical details the disease is caused by a benign tumor of the pituitary gland that secretes human growth hormone which can lead to gigantism in children with our condition, and a host of painful things as adults including chronic pain due to tendon/ligament and joint damage.

My Tumor, 2008

In my late 20s I had already had two brain surgeries, and been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine, hip, and shoulder. My tumor was atypical and labeled by the pathologists as pseudo cancerous due to its aggressive nature. Nothing they tried was able to control the growth of the tumor or the constant excess of growth hormone flooding into my body day and night.

First Surgery ICU 2009 Second Surgery 2010

At 27 years old, my body was broken. I was in pain all the time. Nothing worked to help me. Doctors were giving up and treated me like I was overreacting. Not that any of them had ever lived a single second in my body, with my pain of course... but still they judged me and dismissed my pain and suffering.

What they did care about was my tumor not responding to treatment and the opportunity to recommend more and more aggressive and costly treatments. Fed up, sick and in pain I stood on the precipice of life and death.

I didn’t think I could go on. I couldn’t stand another second in my body, and thanks to my doctors I had a ton of medication I could take to make everything stop. To fall asleep and never wake up again.

Fractionated Radiation 2011 Daily Medications

As I stood there on the edge of life and death, I had a moment of extreme clarity. A powerful force that started low in my gut... a loud and screaming voice begging me to live.

That was the moment I chose life. It was also the moment I knew I would never stand on this ledge ever again but instead dedicate my life to helping other people who have felt dismissed or treated poorly by their doctors. The people who have been made to feel unimportant, small, and desperate.

People like you. Like me. Like us.

So, you see... I don’t want to be sitting here at my second office writing blogs. I want to be in my office helping you rise from what is holding your health back.

I offer in office and virtual consultations to determine how I can care for you and your most precious gift, your health.

Click the link below to schedule your free consultation now. Choose yourself. Choose your health.

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