Hiring a health and wellness coach is a huge investment not only in your health, but in your future. As your coach I will guide you towards realizing what is truly holding you back from living your full healthy life. I am going to challenge you to recognize that simply moving though life without truly living it is no life at all while showing you that you have the ability to rise from the ashes of living half a life so that you can live your life to the fullest.

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No matter what your specific health or nutrition goals are, or even if you don’t have any yet, the relationship we cultivate as coach and client will evolve to best support YOU. In our sessions I am prepared to hold you accountable to a plan which is cultivated just for you. There is no one-plan-fits-all here. You are an individual unlike anyone else and what you need is not what your neighbor needs. I am not here to solve your problems for you, but I am here to guide you to solve them for yourself, and provide the resources, tools and support you need along the way. You have it in you to rise, and I am here to be your enthusiastic guide.


The coaching relationship is always 100% confidential foraged by active listening during open and honest conversations conducted twice a month for 6 months. Committing to a 6 month program is highly recommended based on research on successful health coaching outcomes. Coaching sessions can be conducted over the internet using Zoom, or FaceTime or in person if you live in Central Florida.


After you make the decision to invest in your health and wellness future I ask for a $75 non-refundable deposit to hold your initial consultation appointment. This will be applied to the $175 fee for the initial consultation at the time of the appointment.  

After receiving payment I will send you a health history questionnaire to fill out and send back prior to your appointment.

During your consultation I will go over your health history in depth to determine what your needs and goals are in your journey to rise into your new healthy happy life. If we mutually agree to enter into a client-coach relationship then the additional $100 is due at that time. During your appointment we will also discuss the 6 month plan and payment options.

The initial consultation is the most important part of cultivating a coaching relationship. It’s important that you feel comfortable with me and me with you. I look forward to meeting you on your journey to rise!

Additional health coaching services which may be added to any program, or a la carte include:






Pantry Clean Out Party!

Did you know that you have things in your pantry and fridge that are detrimental to your health? During the pantry clean out party I will come to your home, physically, or virtually and raid your pantry and fridge! I will teach you how to read food labels, and show you the things that are lurking in your pantry and fridge which may be contributing to your suboptimal health.


Contact me to schedule your party today! 




Tour of Your Local Supermarket!


Do you feel overwhelmed in the grocery store? Does the sheer volume of colorful boxed items, pastries and convenience foods make your head spin? Don’t worry! I got you! During this illuminating tour I will walk you through the grocery aisles at your go-to grocery and teach you how to approach grocery shopping not only for cost savings, but more importantly to promote your new healthy life!


Contact me to schedule your tour today! 








18 years ago I had a grand mal seizure out of the blue. I thought I was going to die, and I almost did. Turns out I had a brain tumor, and 5 years later after experiencing a roller coaster ride of pain and other strange symptoms it was determined that this tumor was causing a rare and complicated disease.


In the last 18 years I have endured pain almost every day, two brain surgeries, 30 days of radiation therapy, taken a pharmacy of medications, and had multiple terrifying setbacks in my health. There was a point where I didn’t want to live, and that is when I decided I needed to fight for my life. I took control of my health in that moment and never looked back.


In the last 9 years I met the love of my life, got married, became a Mom, a Doctor, professor and award winning clinician. I ditched 99% of the medications I had to take daily, and I went from over 350lbs to 180lbs and have kept the weight off for the last 3 years.   (Maybe include before and after pictures of the weight loss)


While our journeys are not the same, I have endured similar pain to yours. That is why I am here today, presenting myself as your Doctor in a raw and real way. I have suffered, and I have risen into this incredible life filled with opportunities.


My greatest opportunity is to help you on your journey to rise from what is holding you back from living a healthy fulfilling life. My calling to help heal through daily actions is why I opened Rise Health Chiropractic, LLC.


I only have one question for you - are you ready to rise from your pain?


- Doc Nina