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Holistic Wellness for the Whole Family




Dr. Nina Foster, D.C., MBA, NREMT

To rise from the ashes of what holds us back is a brave and often difficult experience.

We all have a different story, and we all have things that we need to rise from. Chronic pain, a recent injury, poor nutrition, a job we hate, failed relationships... the list is endless.


The mission of Rise Health Chiropractic, LLC is to facilitate and guide patients to rise from the ashes of what holds them back from living their full healthy life.

We believe everyone has the power to rise. We believe that through being the catalyst for our patients we fulfill the most important mission:

Tikkun Olam


[The Sacred Duty to Heal the World Through Daily Action]





holisitic chiropractic care


Hippocrates, the Father of medicine was recorded to say “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”


As a Chiropractor I measure and feel for imbalances in the spine and correct them using multiple adjusting techniques including; Diversified, Thompson, Activator Instrument Assisted, and Soft tissue therapy and manipulation.


As Hippocrates suspected even slight mal-alignment in spinal segments can alter nervous system function leading to symptoms and disease. By removing the roadblock of spinal segmental dysfunction and mal-alignment Chiropractors allow the nervous system to flow properly in order for your own body to restore health. Sounds like witchcraft? Hundreds of studies conducted since the discovery of Chiropractic in 1895 have determined that not only does Chiropractic work, but it is safe with little to no side effects.


Still on the fence? Schedule a consultation today and we can talk through what Chiropractic can do for you and your family.

*** Disclaimer: To schedule a one-time adjustment, you must be an established patient with us by first scheduling a chiropractic consultation. ***

Musli Mix


What would it be like if you could rise from the ashes of what holds you back from living a healthy and fulfilling life? How would that change your daily routine? Your relationships? Your job? Your pain? How you see yourself?


As your certified health, wellness and nutrition coach I will be there with you step by step providing you the tools and space to achieve your wellness goals, and rise into your best life. We all have the ability to overcome any obstacle that separates us from what we really want. You are ready to rise into a new and healthy life.

Herbal Medicine


Take 3 5-HTP capsules and call me in the morning. WHAT? The world of nutritional supplements is confusing. You are not alone as you scratch your head while standing at the vitamin section in your local grocery thinking what the heck is all this stuff and why should I be taking it, or not taking it?


If this sounds like you schedule a supplement consultation and we will look into where you may be deficient and what supplements you should, or should not be taking.

X-Ray Results


Imaging interpretation is a passion of mine. After graduating Chiropractic school I spent three years learning advanced diagnostic imaging pathology, diagnosis and interpretation alongside medical doctors at one of the nations top hospitals. I also worked as an associate professor teaching topics in radiology from physics to diagnosis and everything in between.


If you don’t understand a recent MRI, CT or XRay report, or you feel like your Doctor didn’t explain it well enough schedule an imaging interpretation!



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